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Thursday, February 26, 2015 | 10:24 PM | 0 budak comel
If I look at you, my face gets red.
If I look at you, my heart pounds.
Like a child, I talk shyly.
If I look at you, I smile for no reason.
I keep doing this like a fool.
I think love has come to me.
You are my darling. You're lovelier than the stars lighting up the night sky.
You are the love light that shines in the deepest parts of my heart.
I love you darling. Shine your light next to me at any time.
I look at you every night and even if I do, you are lovely.
You are my love light.

p/s: rasa cam mimi yg bagi neh.. tak ingat dh adeh.. =.='

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